"Imperial Stock Ranch lamb and beef have flavor profiles that are unsurpassed. That you create such healthy, delicious and natural products while looking after the environment the way you do, makes me proud to tell your story. The Imperial Stock Ranch is doing the right thing."
Executive Chef Richard Dingle
Sunriver Resort
Sunriver, Oregon

"When I was a Chef in San Francisco, we always had small production farmers and ranchers bringing us great product all the time; but we always bought lamb from Oregon because of the quality and value. Now that I'm in Oregon, it's wonderful to have access to such great lamb so close to the source. The quality of Imperial Stock Ranch lamb is always top notch. It's the only lamb I buy."
Chef Jody Denton
Merenda Restaurant and Wine Bar
Bend, Oregon

The Beard House
New York, NY
Great Regional Chefs of America Events, 2006

"Your lamb is so outstanding, I was proud to take it with me to feature at The Beard House in New York...and they raved about it!"
"Imperial Stock Ranch lamb is the best lamb I have ever used. I have been cooking lamb for over 20 years and there is no better lamb anywhere."

Chef John Newman
Newman's at 988
Cannon Beach, Oregon

"The beauty of Imperial Stock Ranch beef and lamb is its simplicity, it's intense and succulent flavor...to be savored and enjoyed."
Chef Fabrice Beaudoin
Pronghorn Golf Club and Resort
Bend, Oregon

Domaine Serene Wine Dinner and Auction to Benefit
NYC Rescue 1 Foundation Children of Fallen Members

"Bravo! One of the best baby spring lambs ever...Thank You."
Master Chef Andre Soltner
Dean of Classic Studies
The French Culinary Institute
New York, New York

"Fabulous flavor on the lamb!"
Chef Thierry Rautureau
Rover's Restaurant
Seattle, Washington

"Outstanding Lamb!!!"
Thomas Hurley
Portland, Oregon

"Imperial Stock Ranch lamb sausages are always of the highest quality and very consistent. We always enjoy serving it at Carafe. Not only their meat is great, but the relationship created with Dan and Jeanne Carver fits our "direct from the farm" buying program. They are commited to quality Oregon products, and so are we!"
Chef Pascal Sauton
Carafe Bistro
Portland, Oregon

As stated in GUSTO Magazine
Central Oregon's Premiere Food and Wine Magazine

"We are pleased to be involved with the Imperial Stock Ranch. We share the belief in sustainability and stewardship and enjoy all the extra effort it takes to achieve these goals. Jeanne and Dan keep doing the right thing for the right reasons, and I thank them for it."
Executive Chef Richard Dingle
Sunriver Resort
Sunriver, Oregon

The Food Innovation Center
Portland, OR

Imperial Stock Ranch beef featured, Chef Pascal Sauton writes, "Thank you for making us look so good!"

As stated in GUSTO Magazine
Central Oregon's Premiere Food and Wine Magazine

"Imperial Stock Ranch meat quality is very special. The taste we get out of it is superb!"
Owner/Chef Jacques Duc
Robby J's Bistro
Bend, Oregon


Norm Thompson Fall Catalogue
"Amid the beautiful high desert of central Oregon, the Imperial Stock Ranch embraces thousands of acres of healthy, thriving grasslands, waterways and animal life. Guided by a simple philosophy, 'be kind to the land and it will repay you,' it is proof that sustainability is a viable, attainable way of life...This idyllic existence not only makes for happy sheep, it makes for a superior wool...and beautiful finished products."

"The quality of the products, the beautiful hand of the fibers, the amazing styling and fit, are onlu some of the resaons that Norm Thompson is excited to sell items from the Imperial Stock Ranch. We are also proud to support the sustainably run Oregon ranch that takes care of the earth as well as the animals, and produces top notch farbic items."
Ann Jemboe, VP / GMM
Norm Thompson Outfitters

PS Magazine
The Oregonian Designer Spotlight

"Ranch dressing, on the side. Imperial Stock Ranch creates rare fashions in wool and leather from their ranch near Bakeoven. In addition, their beef and lamb sells to high end restaurants. The LOOK: Western influenced fashion with deep ecology roots..."
Vivian McInerny

"Your garments are fabulous...I call the Walking Tall Sweater Coat my 'dream sweater.'...and the Chaps Sweater is so gorgeous, I'm saving it for Christmas parties!"
Linda Landis, Attorney
New Hampshire
Customer of Imperial Stock Ranch garments

Oregon Business Magazine
"The Imperial Stock Ranch story is so rich and the products are so special....we started with a few hundred pieces in 2005, a good start for what we intend to make a growing program."
Derek Smith, Director of Communications and Corporate Responsibility
Norm Thompson Outfitters

The Dalles Chronicle
"We look for these types of products that are attractive, high-quality and have a sustainable quality, which is too rare in the marketplace."
Derek Smith, Director of Communications and Corporate Responsibility
Norm Thompson Outfitters

"Norm Thompson executives saw in the Imperial Stock Ranch a chance to bring the company motto, 'Escape From the Ordinary' to a more personal level. 'Imperial Stock Ranch garments represent what Norm Thompson is all about. It's a unique product, it fulfills the brand promise and showcases sustainability in a way consumers find valuable."
Derek Smith, Director of Communications and Corporate Responsibility
Norm Thompson Outfitters


One Oregon, One Environment
A Publication of the Oregon Environmental Council

"To these creative and entrepreneurial folks, careful stewardship of the land and their livestock is not only the right thing to do, but good business...The result is a thriving micro-economy in central Oregon, with the ranch at the center of a healthy, sustainable business, employing talented local workers to produce the very best quality food, fiber and fashions available."

"Our company representatives who made the initial site visit to the Imperial Stock Ranch near Shaniko, came back 'wide-eyed' over what the Carvers have created there. When you hear Dan Carver share his philosophy of land management...and Jeanne tell her 'sunlight story' of harvesting the grasses with grazing animals who convert that sunlight to food and fiber which give us life....It's impressive to think that this is still happening today. These are people who truly do care, and are committing their lives to doing the right thing."
John Emrick, President
Norm Thompson Outfitters

Cascade Business News
"Imperial Stock Ranch is a celebration of the American West. They're not
only preserving the ranch's early history, but are also helping create a
living, vital, growing community dedicated to sustainable, efficient
Allan Flood, Feature Writer

Bend Bulletin
"Through the Carvers' management, the 32,000 acre ranch has become a case study in sustainable agriculture, which they define as environmentally sound, socially responsible and economically viable."

Anna Sowa

The Oregonian
"The kind of direct marketing practiced by the Carvers is one of the bright
spots in agriculture...there's an audience out there for a superior
Larry Lev
Economist for the Oregon State University Extension Service

Range Magazine
"For Dan and Jeanne Carver, it's both dream and mission to preserve a valuable piece of American history to be passed on to future generations and serve as living cultural legacy for those who've lost touch with their American agricultural roots."
"By emphasizing conservation, preservation and imaginative diversity, the Carvers have come close to the homesteader's dream of self-sufficient sustainability."

Barbara Wies

In Good Tilth, Publication for Oregon Tilth
"Imperial Stock Ranch tours make urban people more aware of nature's
delicate balance, as well as its beauty and bounty."

Mary-Minn Sirag

The Dalles Chronicle
"Environmental stewardship and modern business are often cast as mutual enemies, but one of Oregon's oldest ranches is literally weaving both strands together into an entirely new garment."

Dan Spatz, Editor

The Agriculture Quarterly
A Publication of the Oregon Department of Agriculture

"The Imperial Stock Ranch is a History Channel Special waiting to be aired...."

"This is one of those unique examples of being able to walk the talk as it relates to products. It's like you created a dream of what you wanted to see...and then finding the Imperial Stock Ranch, who could provide a product with a story to tell, and whose values matched up with our values...and we could talk about it while selling the product."
John Emrick, President
Norm Thompson Outfitters

The Oregonian
"In conservation, I would classify Dan Carver as a community leader."
Ron Graves, District Manager
Wasco County Soil and Water Conservation District